Dutch craft brewers develop a stronger positioning with O-I’s innovative black glass packaging

Dutch craft brewers develop a stronger positioning with O-I’s innovative black glass packaging

O-I’s flexible production and partnership with purchasing partner SBI provide the key to success

Schiedam –  Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI), the world’s leading glass container manufacturer, has developed a black glass packaging that allows craft breweries to emphasise their distinctive personality. Rotterdam-based Steffelaar Bier is one of the first breweries to use this black glass packaging to accentuate its distinctive characteristics.

Recently, the sector of the craft brewers, or small artisan brewers, has grown rapidly in the Netherlands. Contemporary beer fans increasingly prefer genuine and artisan beers and are always looking for something special. Such “speciality beers” derive their distinctive character from the product’s limited local availability, their unique range of flavours and genuine brand stories. 

“We now bottle our Steffelaar Stout and Steffelaar Goud beers in O-I’s beautiful new black bottles. The glass packaging was launched on the Dutch market at the same time as our Stout beer”, says Wouter Steffelaar, the founder and brewer of Steffelaar Bier. “What makes this black glass packaging so perfect is that it stands out on the shelf and provides an aura of authenticity and premiumness. What’s more, this bottle also highlights the quality and exclusivity of our beers.”

Craft brewers brew limited quantities of their beers.  O-I is able to produce smaller quantities of the black glass packaging thanks to a special production process. Purchasing partners, such as Selected Brewing Ingredients B.V (SBI), also allow O-I to fulfil the needs of these artisan brewers more easily.

Pieter van Rooij, CEO of Selected Brewing Ingredients BV: “Like the brewers we are passionate about brewing the best and most delicious beer. Volume bundling allows us to offer these microbreweries a wide and deep range of products, which includes O-I’s black glass packaging. This allows them to develop an even stronger positioning in what essentially is a very diverse market.”

Wouter Steffelaar: “It is fantastic that a world-class producer such as O-I is so open and flexible, offering these innovations to smaller brewers. The flexibility, technological development, quality and customer orientation that O-I and SBI have brought to the table in this partnership are building blocks for growth and success. Steffelaar Bier only stands to benefit from this.” 

Steffelaar Stout is a dark beer that strikes an excellent balance between bitterness and character. It used to be very popular with dockworkers in pre-war Rotterdam.  Steffelaar Goud is a blonde beer, with a light hoppy flavour.  

Both beers are available in the hospitality industry in the region of Rotterdam. 


About Steffelaar Bier 
Steffelaar Bier originally started out in Ecuador and is now based in Spaanse Polder, Rotterdam. Here, beer is brewed for and by the people of Rotterdam.
Besides our own Steffelaar beers we also brew for other brewers. Amateur and professional brewers who do not have a professional installation of their own are welcome to brew their beers here. Our installations are hands-on and manual for the most part. This means that we pour bagged malt into the coppers, scoop it out after the mashing process, switch the gas burners on and off and manually operate a pump. In short, we brew beer like a chef, keeping a constant eye on the process. There are no computers in our brewery and the brewing master controls every step of the brewing process. Brewing is a physical process that requires constant attention.  The beers will only taste better as a result, whether you brew them yourself or have them brewed by us in your brewery. 

We bottle our beer in O-I’s beautiful new black bottles, which were launched in the Netherlands at the same time as our Stout beer. The fact that it stands out and is airtight makes it the perfect bottle. The quality and exclusivity of our products are thus also reflected in the packaging of our beer. 

Further information: www.steffelaar.com

About Selected Brewing Ingredients B.V
Beer brewers have one passion, namely to brew the best and tastiest beer. Selected Brewing Ingredients B.V (SBI) shares this passion, which is why it selects the best ingredients and other essentials to help brewers achieve their goal. Volume bundling allows SBI to offer them a wide and deep range of products with a good price-quality ratio. It also offers short delivery times. As a result, its customers save time and money. SBI is considered the best purchasing partner for brewers, allowing brewers to focus on what they excel at,  namely to make the tastiest beer!

SBI believes in personal contact and a customer-oriented service. It listens to its customers’ needs and tries to think along with them, to offer the highest level of service. Currently SBI has happy customers in over 25 countries and its market is continuously growing. 

Further information: www.sbi4beer.com

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